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Category: Digital Humanities

Wrestling Titus – The Final Takedown

Posted in Digital Humanities, and Digital Pedagogy

Tomorrow my students are presenting their final group projects on Titus Andronicus. They pitched the projects to me in class last week, and some of them sound fantastic. Most of the students came up with some really interesting – and sometimes unexpected – takes on themes and characters, and how they should be considered in light of current issues and trends.

Day of DH madness

Posted in Brittain Fellowship, Digital Humanities, and Digital Pedagogy

OK. So I’ve begun my DH activities for the day. You can follow me at DH: Diane Jakacki. I’ll be tweeting throughout the extravaganza, but I’m already finding that I’m being more focused on getting things accomplished. Submitted my Fall ENGL1102 course description, and after the good feedback at RSA I’m going to expand the concept of student digital editions with a dialogic examination of the history plays, using the Queen’s Men’s The Famous Victories as a counterpoint to Shakespeare’s Henriad. This is going to be fun!

Tarlton at RSA

Posted in Digital Humanities, Digital Pedagogy, and Research

Yesterday morning we ran three panels on digital teaching methods for early modern studies, sponsored by the Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies. Great presentations by Michael Ullyot, Tom Lolis, Sarah Neville, Tara Lyons, Jason Boyd, David Stymeist, Patricia Fumerton, Eric Nebeker, and Christine McWebb. We generated some good discussion and I got to talk about My boy Tarlton. I’ll post more info later, but it was particularly gratifying to hear another speaker in an unrelated session refer to our work (never had that happen before!)