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What Does It Mean to Be on “Vacation”

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Once upon a time, when I worked at Home Box Office, we had a mandated four-week vacation – well, to be accurate, our first year we were given three weeks but then it would be raised to four. Part of our benefits package also offered the opportunity to take a “sabbatical” (I think the threshold for that was ten years at the company). The sabbatical was a holdover from the old days at Time, Inc. when editors were expected to take time away from writing to write. Apparently Time, Inc. believed everyone had the Great American Novel tucked in their desk, ready to be polished over a few months’ break.

Lions and Tigers and Bears!

Posted in Research, and Writing

Apple Keyboard Command Key
Photo courtesy, from Flickr Creative Commons.

This summer I’ve got a number of writing projects on the docket: a book proposal, two articles, and sections of an ebook on which I’m collaborating. In an effort to be more organized and productive, For the collaborative writing piece I’m using Google Docs, and have found that Google Drive is at least moderately helpful in keeping the sections and sub-sections organized. I have some issues with Google Drive’s imposition of folder structure and hiccoughs in terms of attributing co-written work, but it is enough for now.