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Go Figure …

Posted in Reflections

The Statement of Purpose wot I wrote eleven years ago: submitted as part of my applications to the graduate programs at the University of Toronto, Queen Mary University London, and Boston University:

Why leave a successful job in television and embark on a journey in academics? I had achieved stature at HBO, was consistently challenged, recognized for my work. However, I missed the intellectual curiosity I thrived on as an undergraduate. In my spare time I undertook independent research, ranging from Beowulf and The Divine Comedy to King Arthur and Boudicca to a survey of literary theory. I spent time in classrooms as a lecturer, and enjoyed teaching immensely.

I want to demonstrate, through my research of Early Modern Literature, the continuing relevance of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance to our world – how politics, religions, and cultural mores can teach us more about ourselves. I have developed highly-defined skills which I will apply to graduate school and a post-graduate career: strong leadership, organization, team-building, attention to detail, creativity, nonlinear thinking and new modes of conceptualization. My background in web production can be applied with particular acuity to academic research and teaching methods.

I look forward to the rigors and intellectual explorations of graduate school, and also to the challenges and pursuits of a post-graduate academic career. I feel that with my interest, enthusiasm, and experience I will make an outstanding contribution to the world of academia.

Whatever made me think that strong leadership, organization, and team building skills would have any value to a Graduate Studies officer?

NB: I wouldn’t hear the term “Digital Humanities” for another three years.