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Under Pressure

Posted in Conferences, Digital Humanities, Research, and Social Media

I’m finishing two essays at the moment – both concerning digital editions (two separate projects). One is due tomorrow and the other is … well, overdue is a polite way of phrasing that. Working on these simultaneously has made me hyper-conscious of the dangers of repetition and tripping over one’s self when writing about research. Until now I’d take on one writing project at a time. I’d be interested to know how other scholars (digital or otherwise) juggle their work in multiple formats/multiple outlets.

So tomorrow is crunch day for Tarlton – that’s the subject of one essay. And Tuesday there’s a 3-hour imageMAT meeting, which will result in more crunching. That leaves Wednesday for wrestling the second essay to the ground. Once I’ve got those under my belt I’ll post the bibliography I’ve been working from. Procrastination moment: I wonder if there’s a WordPress plugin to port Zotero into a post. There must be. There’s a WordPress plugin for everything. [update: of course there is. It’s called “Zotpress”]

On the other digital work front, imageMAT is just about to go into test mode, so I’m trying to hustle through with ergonomics and aesthetics. I’m working on an interface for advanced search and other user needs; I’m also trying to skin the mediawiki install we’ve put up for help needs. Then there’s the skinning of the WordPress site that will front the tool interface. Somehow this all needs to get done by the end of May.

At which point I will head off to DHSI to co-teach a course on digital pedagogy with Katherine Harris and Jentery Sayers, and make sure the colloquium goes according to plan.

Oh – and did I mention that final course grades are due tonight?

Next six weeks mapped out. Gah!

This is keeping me distracted at the moment:

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