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Where is the Digital in the Pedagogy?

Posted in Digital Pedagogy

There’s writing to be done: a book chapter, a journal article, a conference paper. All due within the next two months. All on some aspect of digital pedagogy. There is a weeklong DP workshop syllabus to rebuild. Plus, Andy Famiglietti and I will be giving four brown bag lunch talks this week about … wait for it … As often as I say that it’s not about the toolkit, there has to be a point of engagement and if that point involves talking about the toolkit and thereby helping someone figure out the how before they get to the why, then I’m ok with that.┬áThose moments of transformation, from what to how to why, make teaching and learning so compelling. If it is only about doing a better job of introducing technology into the classroom, then ok. But I want it to be more. Where do I go from there? What the hell is it that I’m writing and talking about? What does the Digital have to do with Pedagogy?

Undefining #DigitalScholarship

Posted in Digital Humanities, Digital Pedagogy, and Reflections

I would like for this to be the first in a series of reflections about my engagement with and considerations of the digital in research and pedagogy. It seems like I should be making time for this navel-gazing.

I’ve spent most of the summer thinking about Digital Scholarship. What constitutes digital scholarship? What does it mean viz. humanities and pedagogy? What does it mean at Bucknell? And what does it mean in terms of what I practice and how I write about it. When do I capitalize it and when do I use the lower case?