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On marking up Henry VIII

Posted in Writing

F1-tnThis week I submitted the F1 old-spelling transcription of Henry VIII to ISE. To be specific, I submitted a light mark-up to an already thorough one undertaken by ISE’s research assistants. All of the hardcore TEI had already been done (character id’s, line numbering, indication of long s’s, and much more); I was responsible for going through the file, adding stage directions and props, identifying verse or prose mode where I could, things like that. It was one of those projects that made me grateful for my dual monitor set-up: I had the file open in Oxygen on one monitor and the F1 facsimile open in the other.

On Finding – and Refining – One’s Voice

Posted in Reflections, and Writing

My to-do list was overwhelmingly long, and so yesterday I found myself procrastinating in every possible way. I decided, for no clear reason, that I needed to consolidate my working bibliography to incorporate all of my research sources from graduate school onward. I don’t know;  someday that might come in handy. I decided to go back and pull the works cited lists from my Master’s courses. In a further act of procrastination, I read some of my early attempts at scholarly writing. I quickly noticed two things: my bibliographical skills were horrendous (never-ending apologies, Jill Levenson! Your valiant efforts were clearly in vain), and my writing style was cringingly bad.