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Month: December 2019

REED London Online

Posted in Digital Humanities, and Research

REED London Online project website:

The REED London Online project aims to bring together documentary evidence of pre-modern London-centric theatre, performance, and music from 1100 to 1650. Growing from the transformational Records of Early English Drama (REED) project that has over four decades changed scholarly understandings of performance culture in England, Scotland, and Wales, REED London Online establishes an openly accessible online collection of archival, editorial, and bibliographic materials. Invaluable to theatre historians, these records have significant value as well to cultural, political and religious historians as well: due to the nature of performance in that period, the records included in the collection are drawn from legal documents, ecclesiastical and household records, personal and diplomatic correspondence. Thus, REED London offers a rich and complex narrative of London city life as well as information about the business of performance.